Whatever Lola wants, she gets – even if it means going on a long, strange, and remarkable journey to get it. From puppets to prophets to pop music, this raven-haired singer-songwriter’s curious story – which includes performing as a ventriloquist and writing a Britney Spears single – will fascinate you.

Once upon a time in Germany, Lola Blanc was born. Her surreal childhood was spent on a farm in Michigan with her puppeteer mother, CIA father, and three brothers. Raised Mormon but always feeling like an outsider, she started writing songs at age 9. When her mother became a motivational speaker, Lola began performing alongside her as a ventriloquist and auctioneer, and together they made appearances at anti-bullying school assemblies and shows in Vegas – Lola daydreaming of pop stardom all the while.

But it’s hard out there for a ventriloquist. Lola’s parents divorced, and with a single mother trying to make ends meet, they faced the constant threat of disconnected electricity, often unable to make rent. They started fresh in Utah – until a polygamist con man-turned-cult leader targeted Lola’s mother at a church dance. With the help of others, he devised an elaborate scheme to convince her he was a true prophet. Lola, only 12, found his letters and soon believed that she, too, was chosen by God. The man separated Lola from her mother then put her mother through a traumatic ordeal (you can read more about that HERE.)

The experience left a mark on Lola that she would never forget. “It was hard. My mom was my best friend, but she was recovering from a traumatic experience,” Lola divulges, “and I felt very alone. I was cutting myself… but when I wrote songs, I got this feeling that we would get through it. The whole thing made us closer and stronger, and there was this sense of ‘just grit your teeth and move forward. We’ll show them.’”

When they got back on their feet, Lola finished high school and moved to LA. Determined to make a name for herself in the music industry, she wrote songs with anyone who would give her the time of day, also acting in indie films and making appearances in music videos (LMFAO, Interpol).

Then one day, Epic Records called, and they were looking for somebody just like her. Lola was thrown into the whirlwind of pop music, writing songs with the industry’s top producers and forging her identity as a major label artist – until the label changed hands. Unfazed, Lola seized the opportunity to focus on creating the music and art she’d dreamed of making, drawing inspiration from her own life under the influence of artists from Siouxsie Sioux to Gwen Stefani to Liza Minnelli. One of the songs born from this period, “Ooh La La,” written with heavyweight pop producers Ammo (Beyoncé) and Dr. Luke (Katy Perry), became a single for none other than Britney Spears.

Lola began releasing her music and videos independently, reaching #3 on Billboard’s Next Big Sound chart in 2014, collaborating with other artists, writing for, and garnering attention from Ryan Seacrest, Bullett, Vibe, MTV, Playboy, Idolator, Perez Hilton, Refinery29, and more. Channeling her past and present into her art, her forthcoming EP – featuring productions from 10k Islands (Icona Pop) and Jon Levine (Nelly Furtado, Serena Ryder) – is now on its way, finally reflecting the bold femininity, eccentricity, theatricality and fierce honesty of its creator. If you don’t know, now you know: Lola Blanc is a force to be reckoned with. Because whatever Lola wants… well, you know.